Portfolio A little information related to my experience and last work places.

May 6 2013 - actual. Position: Consultor Sr.

For this company I have had the chance to learn in the use of new technologies and methodologies.

Customers I have worked for:

Sigma foods.- I work in the development of workflows for the offices of the company. This was developed integrating web services, Sql Server 2008, MVC 5, Jquery, Ajax and Bootstrap 3.0.

Bydsa.- I developed an Intranet system that was used to publish politics to the employees of the company, wich store statistics about who accept does politics and who does not. Other development that I did for did company was to rebuilt a system that they had for meeting room request that was originally made in ASP 3.0 and I rebuilt it using Asp.Net MVC 3 with Bootstrap.

HEB.- I was part of the team in charge of building the new portal for business with the providers of the company. This was made using Asp.Net MVC 5 with responsive HTML so it could work in mobile devices.

Orthosynetics.- I was assign to this customers in USA to attend they requirements day after day working in pair programming with the team in USA online.

Technologies used: C#, VB.Net, HTML, Java Script, JQUERY, LINQ, CSLA, Asp 3.0, Asp.Net, ASP.Net MVC, Bootstrap, SQL Server and Devexpress.

Novembar 2012 - May 2013. Position: Consultor Sr.

Customers I have worked for: Senda Express.- This project consist in translate a system previously built in Delphi to a new version build in C#.

Technologies uses: HTML, Java Script, Asp 3.0, Asp.Net, SQL Server and devexpress components.

March 2011 - November 2012. Position: Analist and developer.

Customers I worked for: 7-Eleven, Gerac.- I was assign to support and maintenance of the HR in the Intranet system for the department of people training. I also developer the new modules according to de requirements and changes that they had. Another system that I developer along with my boss was a survey system for the company in with they could add company cars or office furniture so the employees could participate to buy them.

Technologies used: HTML, Java Script, Asp 3.0, Asp.Net, SQL Server and devexpress components.

November 2007 - March 2011. Position: Analist and developer.

This company in dedicated to heavy machinery parts sale and my position was in the system department in which my responsibility was give support to the Intranet system modules they already had in ASP 3.0 and build new modules according to they needs using ASP.Net with Vb.Net. Between the systems that I did for this company one of the more important was to provide the system with electronic invoice generation and developed the system for client payments. I also accomplish the communication and integration with the Cisco telephones that they have so I could connect to any phone in the company network and send command like: Messages or automatic calls to the customers.

Technologies that I used: VB.Net, HTML, Java Script, Asp 3.0, Asp.Net, SQL Server and Devexpress.


C#. Windows Application
C#. Web Application


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