I have experience as system web developer for more than 13 years and I enjoy a lot my work!

I built this site using the newest technology that I know at this present time, that's so my purpose will be to keep it in that way using new technology as they emerge. So I hope you like it and remember that you can stay in contact with me using the contact form and I will be happy to attend to your comments.

Welcome thanks for your time visiting my web site.

You can see my porfolio section where you will find more information about my experience and the companies that I have worked for so as the main projects that I have developed for them.

I will be gratefull for your comments throught the Contact form. In case you are interested in obtaing more information about mi CV you can stablich contact throught tha same contact form.
I hope you like it.

Built using HTML 5

The design template I bought it, I just adapt it according to my needs for this site.

Built using ASP.Net MVC 5

I used Visual Studio 2013 in order to build the controllers and views and for the data access layer I used CodeSmith so it ganarate this layer with PLINQO to access a SQL SERVER 2012

Other technologies used

Bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS, CodeSmith, Plinqo.